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Phodiso Holdings Limited established themselves as one of the leading Black Investment companies, currently steering the Health Care Industry in Africa.

Phodiso Holdings constantly abreast themselves with latest technology, proven business models and secured strategic partners and alliances to grow and maintain the reputable status they have earned in the Health Care industry.

Built on the pillars of honesty, integrity and sustainability Phodiso commits to:

  • Economic benefit to all
  • Employee safety and health
  • Community development
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Effective leadership and fellowship

Economic benefit to all...

Facing the challenges of affordable health care to all in South Africa, Phodiso Holdings encourages the involvement of all health care professionals and associated industries, to all form part of the investment and to develop an integrated health care industry.

Our pledge to you and the industry

As one of the leaders in the industry we will maintain our focus to offer all citizens quality health care in South Africa and in Africa, thereby persistently attracting sustainable investment opportunities for the benefit of all, and to grow our share in the industry through our intellectual property and financial resources.

A sustainable footprint of a true leader

Anchored in the soil of Africa, Phodiso is symbolized with the Baobab tree, having deep roots that secure the growth of the company allowing its branches to multiply and to reach the skies, giving shelter to many organisms.

Phodiso cares for others

Phodiso is known for not overseeing the finer detail in the bigger picture. Therefore the importance of Corporate Social Investment carries in the daily activities and planning of the group. Phodiso further encourages all their affiliated companies or strategic partners to get involved in combined social development programmes.